Can a leather bag be biodegradable? What is the difference between compostability and biodegradability? What tests are used to measure the biodegradability of a shoe? A special online masterclass organised by Smit & Zoon as part of its sustainable tanning project known as Nera Tanning promises to answer these and many other questions on 25 February.
The invitation to participate is addressed to tanneries, brands, OEM’s and designers. To learn more about the masterclass and for free registration please visit: or click this LINK.
“We also invite participants to send in their questions regarding the topic, so we can address them during the masterclass. We want to have this important dialogue and share our knowledge, so all stakeholders in the leather value chain can take an important step into making this leather value chain more transparent and more sustainable”, says Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & Zoon and one of the speakers at the masterclass. Wouter Hendriksen, R&D Manager Nera, will present facts & figures, test results and other technical data. Also joining the discussion is Iris van Wanrooij, Program Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at EMMA Safety Footwear, and responsible for the sustainability program. She will address their mission and progress on the recycling of used safety shoes.