There are many innovations that concern Spraytech, the Venetian company that has just moved to a new larger and more functional site in Gambellara while also maintaining the warehouse in Lonigo (Vicenza) where used painting lines are inspected and sold. With more than thirty years of experience gained in the heart of the Venetian tanning district, the largest and most important in the world, Spraytech designs and builds plants and accessories destined to industrial painting, counting today a vast customer base in over 40 different geographical areas of the world. The Venetian company has always been committed to providing the best solutions in the field of leather spraying, as demonstrated by the numerous devices designed to reduce production costs and improve the quality of the results obtained from cutting-edge patents resulting from continuous research by the owner Stefano Mastrotto in collaboration with a young and innovative internal technical team.
The E-Luxury spray booth stands out among the latest innovations offered to the market by the Vicenza-based company, which presents various innovative solutions worthy of note both for containing production costs and for improving the quality of the final product. The booth is in fact a brand new automated system for washing the arms of the (already patented) rotating carousel.
This paint booth was developed by Spraytech to be able to meet production needs with automated and innovative systems as well as with an always lower impact on the environment, given the utmost attention that the company pays in operating in a sustainable way. The booth allows the operator to save a lot of time by being easier and simpler to maintain, intuitive to use and complete in all its equipment. Moreover, thanks to the presence of forced recirculation water veils, nozzle washing bars and a newly designed abatement system, the fumes produced by overspray are reduced by 80% already inside the booth, considerably reducing the environmental impact.
Many innovative systems can be adopted in the “E-Luxury” paint booth, built entirely in stainless steel, such as “L.E.S. Evolution” which allows to optimise electricity consumption and the new economiser “E.P.S. Leonardo View” with HD camera for “reading” the skin and managing spraying automatically, reducing costs and avoiding waste. “Thanks to a brand new software, this economiser allows the tannery to make an important leap in quality because, by collecting all the information of each type of treated leather and interfacing with the company management, it allows full control of production data both in terms of quantity and quality”, explains the company.
The booth is in line with all Industry 4.0 requirements thanks to remote assistance and direct interface with any management system of the company.
“Spraymix”, the automated dosing system that allows you to create any type of product/paint with extreme precision and speed, is another great novelty presented in February 2020 at the Simac Tanning tech fair in Milan Rho. This system is very important for Spraytech because it allows it to interface with other sectors beyond the tanning sector, diversifying the company’s business.

Finally, the “Spraydrier” series is also noteworthy, consisting of different drying tunnels available in steam, gas or infrared versions and also manual versions for small sampling needs.
Each of them is designed to reduce energy consumption, improve insulation and ensure a better drying of the leather.

The Spraymix system
One of the tunnell Spraydrier series