A national program supporting Made in Italy that focuses on production quality, technological development and sustainability. The program was launched on the occasion of the 6th World Footwear Congress on 3 April during a visit by an international delegation of entrepreneurs and journalists to the new headquarters of the Italian Leather Research Institute inside the Olivetti District of Pozzuoli. Exactly throughout this visit started the World Footwear Congress held in Naples and dedicated to “Digitalisation for a sustainable footwear industry”.

The international delegation, composed of about one hundred people, was received by the General Manager Edoardo Imperiale together with Fulvia Bacchi, member of the Italian Leather Research Institute’s Board and UNIC Director, Pasquale Della Pia, national council member of Assocalzaturifici, Carlo Casillo, president of Confindustria Naples/Fashion Sector and by the whole technical-scientific team of the National Research Institute.
The director Edoardo Imperiale illustrated the advantages and characteristics of the new hyper-technological structure hosting today the Research Institute of the Italian leather system whose mission is to develop and promote the innovation of the process, product and services of the tanning industry: “The transfer of all the Italian Leather Research Institute’s activities to this site will improve the competitive capacity of Italian tanning companies, production quality, technological development and sustainability for the benefit of the entire supply chain and the main target markets: furniture, automotive, footwear, interiors, fashion, leather goods” said Imperiale.

In his speech also Ciro Fiola, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples, reaffirmed the institute’s change of course: “The Italian Leather Research Institute, which for some time did not have the right visibility, is today the focus of attention of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples. With the allocation to Pozzuoli and the relocation of research laboratories, we are ready to invest in this sector”.

Pasquale Della Pia, Assocalzaturifici delegate for Campania, highlighted the importance of strengthening the strategic collaboration between the Italian Leather Research Institute and Italian footwear manufacturers.
Specifically, the new national program to support Made In Italy launched on April 3 by the new headquarters of the Italian Leather Research Institute is called “Leather Technologies to Fashion Sustainability” and aims to facilitate the development and consolidation of the leather supply chain by promoting research, training, the dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge, services and tests, with the aim of providing a competitive growth to all the players in the integrated leather and shoe supply chain.