Last February Stahl achieved the highest level of ZDHC Gateway compliance for its wet-end and leather finishing portfolios. As a world leader in coatings, processing and treatments for everyday materials, the Level 3 certification – which includes product testing and on-site audits – underlines Stahl’s commitment to using responsible chemistry to improve its environmental footprint and contribute to driving positive change in the leather industry.
The aim of the ZDHC certification process is to help companies that work with the footwear, apparel and accessories industries exhibit their commitment to responsible chemical management, working towards the ultimate goal of the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. 

Michael Costello

Michael Costello, Group Director Environmental, Social & Governance at Stahl states: “Stahl’s strategic goal is to achieve a crystal-clear supply chain so that stakeholders can take better decisions on their environmental and social impact. The decision to join the ZDHC program, in 2016, was based on our belief that the ZDHC Foundation and Stahl shared this ambitious common goal of transparency. Achieving ZDHC Gateway Level 3 conformance for our global leather portfolio is therefore not only a confirmation of our long-term commitment to the elimination of restricted substances, it is a significant milestone on the road to a truly transparent supply chain.”