On 31 March Stahl released its Environmental, Social & Governance-ESG for the year 2019. The multinational chemical company claims to have achieved a very important result in the environmental field namely the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to 2015, a significant decrease made possible thanks to the use of renewable energy in European sites and investments in more energy efficient technologies and equipment. In the report Stahl stresses that the reduction in emissions achieved is in line with the objectives set in the Paris climate agreement, just as the activities implemented by the company in the environmental and social fields fully comply with the sustainable development objectives established by the United Nations.
More generally, Stahl aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its supply chains. 2019 saw the launch of the Responsible Chemistry initiative which involves the use of low environmental impact products and biotechnology to replace non-renewable resources in a circular economy perspective. Let us remind you that Stahl has recently obtained the Level 3 ZDHC certification (the highest) for over 1,200 of its products in the tanning and finishing processes of leather. A result that underlines Stahl’s commitment to full transparency in the complex world of chemical compliance of substances.
From a social point of view, one of the most important activities was the launch of an awareness campaign for worker safety, called Road to Zero (R20), which registered a significant drop in the frequency of accidents in the workplace.