The preliminary program of the XXXV IULTCS Congress, entitled “Benign by design – a Future through Science and Sustainability”, promises to be rich in interest both for the scientific part related to basic research on skin collagen and for the more technological part concerning the new production process. Dozens and dozens of papers will be presented that, as announce the German hosts of VGCT, will cover all the leather processing phases: from beamhouse operations to the finishing, which are mostly focused on greater sustainability processes in terms of reduction in the emissions and resources used. Looking at the work titles selected by the scientific committee, you also note the ample space given to research relating to leather for the automotive sector.
To give the opportunity to present their research work to a greater number of scientists and students, organisers have also added a new format to this congress: a quick scientific three-minute presentation followed by a presentation in one of the five poster sessions provided. In total, more than 100 poster papers are planned.

IULTCS Congress 2019

Parallel to the scientific part, two “engineering sessions” are planned, one dedicated to the automation and digitisation of leather production, and the other to machinery and tools innovations. The Congress also includes an exhibition area where 30 companies have rented a space.

The following key reports among those of the Congress were pointed out:

  • “Capturing and Reporting the Environmental Impact of Leather”, Michael Costello, Stahl Holdings
  • “Minimizing Emissions of Automotive Leather”, Dr. Volker Rabe, Lanxess
  • “Automotive Leathers – Evaluating the Performance Limits (part II)”, Dr. Sebastiano De Vecchi, TFL Ledertechnik AG
  • “Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability”, Alvaro Flores, Brazilian Leather
  • “Sulfide Unhairing: rethinking the received wisdom”, Dr. William Wise, University of Northampton

There is also an important Italian participation with a group of companies which will present their research work such as Erretre, GSC Group, Silvateam and Ars Tinctoria.

Full details of the Congress are available on the dedicated website.