Alpa spa and Repico spa, leading Italian companies in the tanning chemistry, have defined a collaboration agreement that aims to achieve a consolidation of technical and commercial positions on an international scale and a harmonisation of the products and services offered to the tanneries.
Alpa and Repico are two historic companies in the sector, with a tradition that has been lasting for over 70 years. “This strategy – explains the official statement – aims at a repositioning on the world markets of the territorial structures, in function of a more incisive presence on the tanning market. The research activities are and will be encouraged to optimise the current product ranges of the two companies, which currently remain the same to give customers continuity, but which will be integrated for the development of new generations of products with advanced sustainability features”.
And again: “The centralised production and distribution structures of products on international markets will be optimised to provide a better service to the tannery, implementing logistics with latest generation technologies, to offer greater support to the sales force of the branches and agencies, and being able to provide just-in-time answers to the needs of tanners”.
The current product ranges of Alpa and Repico cover the entire tanning process, from the wet to the finishing phase, in full compliance with ReacH and current regulations, in line with the specifications required by the market.