Supervario T can be defined as the crown jewel of the Bergi brand for what concerns continuous presses for ironing and printing. In designing it, the Italian company that operates on tanning markets around the world did not want to just highlight the aspect of solidity and reliability which have always been essential elements of the brand, but also productivity, very high print quality and ease of use.
Several innovations have been introduced. With regard to the production and quality aspect, the reintroduction of the carpet preheating system, redesigned by Bergi after the one conceived and marketed back in 1988, allows to prevent thermal shock making the skin more receptive to printing. The creation of a larger pressure roller has increased the width of the printing area, which is 35% greater compared to the other machines on the market, and the machine’s performance both in terms of processed hides and with regard to definition printing. The combination of these two new elements allows to obtain a full-bodied and well-defined print even with the most difficult grains. In other words, you print more and better.
The global virtues of a machine are not just measured by the quantity and quality of the leather it processes, but also in the ease of use and overall ergonomics of the latter. In this regard, Bergi strongly wanted to create a user friendly machine, that is, a machine that best interacts with the operator and that makes his work substantially simple. The Venetian company has therefore adopted all those technological solutions that allow the operator to keep all the parameters of the machine under control with a simple glance. The large touch screen panel, easy to understand and read, allows you to constantly monitor the production activity, cameras allow you to keep under control the important points of the machine and the, specifically studied, lighting of the work area allows the operators to always work in a well-lit and consequently safe area. Ultimately, the connection to the internet allows both workers and Bergi to constantly monitor the machine, check its good condition and prevent issues that may occur during the working day.
A modern machine cannot be defined as such, of course, if it does not focus on the environment. The new heating system developed by Bergi, for example, makes Supervario T heat up faster and more efficiently while guaranteeing significant energy savings. In this regard, the press is competing to receive the Green Label as already obtained by its younger sister Starlux.