Among the companies most committed to sustainability we find C.G.R.D. located in Trissino (Vicenza) which has been active in the tanning sector since 1997 with the production of chemicals for the treatment of leather. Already a member of the Leather Working Group (LWG), the multistakeholder organisation engaged in promoting the best practices in the sector through audits and strict control protocols, recently C.G.R.D. has also joined UNPAC, the National Association that gathers Italian leather chemical manufacturers.
For several years, the Veneto-based company has offered the market a line of chemical products called Ecowhite® capable of significantly reducing the environmental impact of tanning production and which has been constantly upgraded over time, so as to meet the high standards required by high-end brands both in the fashion and automotive sectors.
“The Ecowhite tanning system offers several advantages such as the elimination of salt in the pickling process, the absence of metals (metal free), a gelatinisation temperature between 75 and 80° C (TG)”. Further benefits of the system, keeps explaining the company, are its versatility that allows you to produce any type of final leather item, the ease of crust storage and an excellent leather yield. The environmental sustainability of the product at the end of its lifecycle as for biodegradability and composting is particularly important. At the end of the cycle, hides processed with this system may be subject to recycling suitable for the paper industry, or to waste-to-energy processes, bio-digestion and compostability.
Ecowhite® line products include probiotics for soaking and degreasing, soft acids for salt-free pickling, different kinds of tanning agents for wet white tanning, bio-polymers for retanning without formaldehyde, chemicals coming from the recovery of natural waste.