Chem-MAP are pleased to announce that they have awarded SYN-BIOS S.p.A. with ZDHC Level 3 certification for their leather chemicals – the highest certification offered by the ZDHC Road Map to Zero programme. ZDHC Level 3 requires MRSL conformance for formulations & raw materials, and a chemical management audit.
Georgina Mawer, Head of Chem-MAP Consulting comments: “Companies undertaking the Chem-MAP programme are giving a clear message that they are committed to sustainable chemistry.  SYN-BIOS S.p.A. achieving ZDHC MRSL Level 3 is highly commendable and is a positive step for chemical transparency and sustainability in the leather supply chain”.
Great satisfaction for the Italian company. Dr. Giulia Fontana, Technical Director declares: “The concrete and constant commitment of SYN-BIOS S.p.A. in formulating products that do not impact on the environment and human health, has now obtained official recognition with the ZDHC LEVEL 3 certification – tangible proof that the company offers its customers the opportunity to create leather items that comply with stringent specifications, without releasing dangerous substances into the environment. An ambitious goal that can now be achieved using SYN-BIOS brand products, and a significant step in promoting sustainability within the tanning industry.”