Developing products with increasing less impact, without affecting technical performance: this is the mission of SYN-BIOS SpA which has been operating in the tanning sector for over thirty years with a wide range of highly sustainable pigments. The Vicenza-based company has always allocated important human and economic resources to the study and experimentation in the field, interacting daily with the customer thanks to internal research and colour development laboratories, departments for application tests and pre-production sampling.

Enrico Gastaldello

“The automotive sector – explains Enrico Gastaldello, general manager – is one of the most reactive and receptive areas in the world of the tanning industry, as well as presenting a high environmental sensitivity. Leather destined for the automotive sector must in fact respect such restrictive specifications and guarantee such high resistance that a range of chemical products with particular characteristics must be selected in order to produce it”.

The company based in Montebello Vicentino is particularly known for its lines of pigments for the refinishing phase. In fact, to complete the “colouring” of the automotive item, there is the top-of-the-range SYN-CAR® series, highly concentrated micro pigments dispersed into water for the refinishing of items for the automotive sector, specially designed to obtain the best chemical-physical strengths, to which the new METAL-FREE series has been added last February.
Only the raw materials capable of guaranteeing the maximum resistance to the tests required by the specifications of the car manufacturers were selected. These are water-based pigmented pastes with high yield and coverage, capable of guaranteeing maximum resistance to light fastness tests, migration to PVC, heat stability, as required in the production of car components. The pigments have been carefully selected to ensure the inalterability of the colour and any other feature over time.