There was a large audience at the XI Veneto Technical Conference that AICC organised last 15 November at the Municipal Auditorium of Chiampo (Vicenza) entitled “Technological innovations in the tanning world”. An endorsed participation also thanks to the international scope of the event which also included the presence of some European speakers. “We want to send a clear message also to our young people – said the president of AICC, Roberto Mariano Mecenero – Today we can no longer think of only working within our district, because the challenges of the sector are global and we need to look up as much as possible at the rest of the world. For this reason, we wanted to relaunch some important works in English presented as a preview at the IULTCS International Congress in Dresden”.
After the greetings of the Mayor of Chiampo, Matteo Macilotti, the conference moderated by Renato Bertoli (Veneto area coordinator) got to the heart of the event with the report by Veronica Vigolo, entitled “Ecosustainability and leather dyeing: natural dyes”, a research that constituted the final thesis of a group of students who recently graduated from the Green Leather Manager course at the ITS Cosmo in Arzignano.
Riccardo Pasquale, a researcher at GSC Group, presented instead the report “Investigation on VOC content from car interior finishing system and its influence on leather Performance” as a result of the Veneto-based group’s long research on a theme of the highest concern in the car body sector.
The microphone was then handed over to Adriano Peruzzi of Erretre who described the peculiarities of Cold Milling, that is the cold milling system, ideal for working delicate hides and skins, based on the full control of the temperature and humidity parameters inside the drum. Subsequently, AICC’s secretary Giancarlo Lovato recalled the associative activities and the continuous growth of the members of the Italian Association of Leather Chemists.
A research focused on the positive impact of acrylic resins used in the pickling phase in a wet white tanning process was then presented by Olga Ballus of the Spanish company Cromogenia, followed by the intervention of Tilman Witt on behalf of the Filk Institute in Fribourg and the Technical University of Dresden who illustrated a study that foreshadows a new approach to the leather shaving process.
The last technical report of the conference was presented by Yujie Ma of Smit & zoon, which focused on the European Biopol research project led by the Italian company Codyeco and concerning the production of new biopolymers with tanning and retanning capacities starting from biomass and industrial waste.
In the end, the AICC Conference hosted a brief speech by Jean-Pierre Gualino, president of the CTC research centre in Lyon, which from next January will become vice president of IULTCS (the International Union of Leather Chemists) side by side with the new president Louis Zugno, who will take over from the current president of IULTCS, Thomas Yu: “I am very honoured to be able to offer my contribution to this very important organisation that works for the technical-scientific progression of the leather sector”, announced Gualino.

A large audience attended the XI AICC Conference at Chiampo Auditorium last 15th November