A young and dynamic company that faces daily challenges with enthusiasm. Founded in 2004, Tecnochimica has rapidly established itself in the tanning sector for the wide range of chemical products offered, all based on quality and respect for the environment: synthetic tannins, resins, oils and fatliquors, liming auxiliaries, colouring agents and finishing products. “Our strengths? We move a lot and never leave anything unturned; we are receptive and accept all the challenges that the leather market poses” explains Simone Gelli, who runs the Tuscan company together with three partners.

The constant market growth, accompanied by gradual investments in increasingly more capable production plants, has led Tecnochimica in no time to double the company space. Less than two years ago, a new large factory was inaugurated right in front of the old shed: here are the commercial and administrative offices, the showroom, the new wet-end and finishing laboratories, and a new raw material storage area, while the production phase with the logistic offices and the analytical chemical laboratory remained in the old factory.

Over the years, high-level professionals have gradually been integrated into the staff, who have allowed us to expand our overall technical skills and embrace new market segments:

“We are aware of the importance of innovation and today we are very focused both on the development of products for more sustainable tanning systems (for example without phenols and formaldehyde) and on the finishing: we continuously renew the items to provide the market with new stimuli also from the point of view of fashion trends” keeps on saying Simone Gelli.

Among the most recent successes of this company, it is worth mentioning the line of condensed polymers that allow to obtain a better fixation of retanning agents and dyes on the hides (with very intense tones and a high exhaustion of the dyeing baths) and the system of retanned wet blue without titanium dioxide that ensures very white leathers that seem already finished.

But here you always look forward. Among the many projects underway, there is the development of a new range of high-strength water-repellent greases that Tecnochimica will launch at the beginning of 2019; and certainly this will not be the only news for next year.