Specialised in the production and marketing of chemical auxiliaries for the tanning industry, the Tuscan-based company, Tecnochimica, has established itself on the international markets thanks to a complete range of products that includes syntans, resins, oils and fatliquors, liming agents, dyestuffs, as well as many new finishing products.
The company presented its latest products at the Prossimapelle Arzignano fair held in Veneto on 29 November 2019. “This new event has given our customers in Veneto the opportunity see our new products made using large cow hides and our metal-free tanning system.” The company brought to the fair a new collection developed on three trends proposed by the fashion committee of Prossimapelle for summer 2021: Simple Touch (weaves, natural textures, delicate colours), Precious Plastic (focusing on reuse and recycling) and Virtual Escape (digital distortions, colour contrasts).
The fair organised by UNPAC allowed Veneto-based tanneries to see first-hand and appreciate the developments made by Tecnochimica in the field of leather finishing products, which was not an important part of the company’s early activities. “We are now investing a lot in the finishing department where we have also included some new professional figures,” explains Simone Gelli. “We have always focused on all aspects of research.”
The Tuscan-based company’s Quality Management System has already been certified, and it is also committed to the traceability of leather with a view to maximise transparency of the chemical products offered to the market. “As suppliers of chemical auxiliaries, we must do our part so that tanneries can offer the market truly sustainable leather hides,” continues Gelli.
Over the years, Tecnochimica has managed to establish a relationship of exclusivity and professionalism with tanneries, proving to be a reliable partner able to respect the industrial identity and production customisation of each customer, by supplying innovative products and ad hoc application systems.