The research carried out by Tecnochimica led to the development of synthetic products with excellent performances that are capable of guaranteeing a fuller tone, a higher penetration and a great performance. Less polluting. In other words, a different tomorrow

A curious cover image opens this issue of Tannery.
Why does a foot cover the entire page of a trade magazine? It symbolizes a promise and a commitment: the delicacy of skin and the will to walk. Towards increasingly green solutions, towards an increasingly eco-friendly future.
Attention to raw materials and sustainability are the basic values of Tecnochimica SpA, a company specialized in the production and commercialization of syntans, resins, oils and fatliquors, auxiliaries for liming and dyes.

Tecnochimica_2The company is well aware that nowadays a tannery needs to control costs in order to be competitive but, at the same time, it has to use more eco-friendly products.
In this regard, the experience of Tecnochimica’s staff and partners led to the development of a series of condensed polymers that enable to obtain highly satisfying results.

Among the advantages: a better fixation of retanning agents and dyes, thus obtaining fuller color tones and leaving more exhausted dye baths; the reduction of fillers used to fill the void parts of leather with lower ash and sulfate residues in baths; a higher yield of the surface, thanks to the strong penetration and distribution capabilities inside the fibers.
Besides, with a research on different origins and sizes, the technical staff developed a series of items that go from the classic Liscio Box to the milled or smooth nappa, always obtaining fuller dyes with more relaxed leather and an interesting increase in the surface (between 5 and 15%).