The Roadmap to Zero program of the ZDHC Foundation is the world leading initiative to guide value chains in fashion industry towards the use of safer chemistry – for a cleaner planet- and a brighter future. The TFL Group as Formulator of chemicals used in leather manufacture is a value chain contributor to the foundation and active participant in its various sectors and task forces. Since ZDHC has approached the leather supply chain TFL has helped to shape the content and procedures according to which the foundation is working by sharing experience and know-how in sustainable chemistry.

The principle to replace hazardous substances by less harmful ones wherever technically possible has been one of the priorities in product development at TFL even before ZDHC. Consequently, TFL can offer a complete product portfolio for leather manufacture from Beamhouse to Finishing Touch Agent that is compliant to the strict requirements of the global ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL Vs. 2.o).     

Starting into 2022 TFL has successfully renewed the company presence on the ZDHC Gateway, the electronic catalogue of chemicals in which compliant products can be found. To make access easier for TFL customers and fashion brands, now all TFL supplied products are published on a single account of TFL Ledertechnik GmbH, including the products manufactured e.g. in India, Italy, China or former LANXESS sites. This results in the TFL account providing more than 1500 formulations, all tested and certified to the highest confidence Level 3 by TFLs partner and accredited service provider ChemMap.  As benefits, ZDHC supply chain partners not only can be sure about the quality of products manufactured by TFL, they can directly link their chemicals and Wastewater Management System to the TFL gateway entries for ZDHC InCheck reporting.

In this way TFL is offering the highest support level to all our customers and once again demonstrating to be a global leader in the market of sustainable chemicals for the manufacture of leather which goes in line with our claim “Great Chemicals – Excellent Advice”.