Marco Agostini does not hide the surprise for the results achieved at the Simac Tanning Tech 2020. “We had few expectations given the particular moment of the market and there was a certain pessimism in the sector. We instead had to change our minds. From the first day, very important tanning groups came to our stand and we even signed a contract for Mexico that we did not expect”, says Mec Man’s owner.
A positive exhibition balance, the one of the Venetian company, definitely the resault of a massive work in  “planting seeds” that the company has carried out over the past year on the main tanning markets of the world to make its innovative patented technologies known. The market is in particular rewarding the advantages and added value offered by MecGiant, the large vacuum skin dryer with floor sizes of 9 metres “which allows the drying of three cow hides per floor, with a productivity increase of up to 50%  but with the same operating costs as a 7 metre high dryer”.
But there are also other Mec Man products that tanneries like. “We are working very well with ICE Vacuum which they are asking us to use in machines of other brands to improve efficiency”, adds Agostini. The IceVacuum low temperature vacuum generation system is in fact an extremely innovative product in various aspects, born from the experience of the Mec Man team for the world of vacuum drying. The only available double turbo system on the market, it involves full and uniform drying at temperatures of  36°-40 °C.
What is the most promising market area today? “We are heavily investing in South America because in our opinion it will be the first one to restart, also thanks to new investments in the automotive sector”, concludes the entrepreneur from Veneto.