Furniture is one of the target sectors for leather that has suffered less from the crisis of the last year thanks to the newfound centrality of the home after a year of pandemic. We talked about it with Sabrina and Sandra Giardi, the two sisters at the helm of  M.P.G. Industria Conciaria of Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa), specialised in vegetable tanning since 1960.

“The lockdown was a condition common to many nations around the world – report the two Tuscan entrepreneurs -  And the home, as never before, in these pandemic times has become the main place to carry out all our activities (study, work, sport, etc.). This situation has driven many to rethink furnishings and the design of their homes with a view to greater comfort but also with the desire to introduce sustainable and safe materials even for the most delicate subjects with sensitive skin”.

In this framework of renewed attention to the home with an eye to sustainability, leather tanned with the use of tannins of vegetable origin, obtained through a slow craftsmanship process that has its roots in the best Tuscan tanning tradition, as is the case of the MPG production, seems to have found a natural outlet. “The demand from the furniture sector has been constant over the last year – comments Sabrina Giardi -. We have achieved good results and are cautiously optimistic for the near future as well”.

MPG Industria Conciaria represents a sector of absolute excellence appreciated all over the world, linked to traditional processes but also capable of continually renewing itself and developing new items that meet the technical and aesthetic demands of the target sectors, from footwear to leather goods, to furniture.

“At the moment, for the furnishing sector we are thinking of soft leathers with a natural look, our cowhide with wavy and hand-buffered finishes, small, slightly shaded grains. In addition, smooth surfaces are increasingly performing for upholstery, seating and furnishing accessories” they explain.

The committment towards sustainability pushes the tannery to look ahead: “We are working on very important projects. Our vegetable tanned leather is by nature “sustainable”, but our tannery is committed to mitigating the environmental impact by reaching out in many directions. We have recently obtained the Silver LWG certification and we keep following the path with the aim of achieving further improvements both in terms of production process and finished leather”, concludes Sandra Giardi.

In the pictures, leather items and furnishing accessories made with MPG leathers
In the pictures MPG

The Tuscan tannery has obtained the Silver LWG Certification 
MPG is member of the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium