Continuous investments in research and development projects in order to meet the needs of a tanning industry determined to secure a future through the adoption of clean and safe solutions that make processes increasingly sustainable. This is the mission declared by Tecnochimica, a company located in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI) specialised in the formulation and marketing of a wide range of chemical products with high quality standards and in line with the main regulations on environmental protection: synthetic tannins, resins, oils and fatliquors, auxiliaries, dyes, tanning agents and articles for finishing.
“In the last decade, the imposition of increasingly restrictive international regulations in terms of environmental safety, together with increasingly demanding specifications by the customer, has prompted us to develop innovative solutions capable of lowering the environmental impact”, the company explains.
The SYP line, from the acronym ‘Save Your Planet’ is, for example, among the latest innovations of its R&D department, which includes a series of products totally free of phenols and formaldehyde. In particular, the enzyme-based SYP® technology offers interesting technical and ecological advantages. “SYP LIME® is a range of enzyme-based formulations intended for beamhouse and retanning processes. The range of products for the beamhouse process includes various types of enzymes which are able to act selectively due to their peculiar biochemical properties, catalysing specific reactions without generating polluting reaction by-products: thanks to these properties they have already established themselves in the industrial field as a valid alternative to traditional chemical reagents”, Tecnochimica explains.
Also noteworthy is the VR Line based on condensed polymers “destined to revolutionise the market of synthetic tannins for the tanning industry, as it allows to obtain truly exceptional results on leather. In addition to a better fixation of retanning agents and dyes with very intense tones and exhausted dye baths, it allows to obtain a footage increase that varies from 5 to 15%”, the Tuscan experts explain.

Tests conducted on a series of items of various origins and sizes – experts in Castelfranco explain – have shown that, through the application of these products, the wrinkles of the hide are more open and the grain is full and soft to the touch. “In this way it is possible to reduce the use levels of the fillers necessary to fill empty parts, thus leading to a decrease in the concentration of residual ash and sulphates in waste water and, consequently, in polluting emissions. Last but not least, the fact that leathers processed this way behave very well in the finishing phase”, Tecnochimica concludes.

SYP LIME® is a range of enzyme-based formulations intended for beamhouse and retanning processes