From the experience gained with the Suprema Splitting machine, AlpeSpak has designed and built a new machine with an innovative lime splitting system (patented). The new splitting machine is called Predator and allows the automatic introduction of hides without the help of an operator. This system was born to solve the problem of having specialised operators and to ensure greater safety. The mechanics company from Arzignano, which belongs to the Alpe Group, also explains that the new machine retains the articulated roller system which acts on the rubber roller and the upper transport roller, but that everything has been wrapped by special belt sleeves. These sleeves facilitate the introduction of the hides and at the same time protect the internal parts of the machine, preserving them from wear and drastically reducing the cleaning time.
Furthermore, the belts have eliminated the problem of marking of the hides caused by more or less aggressive transport rollers, and the lowering of thickness caused by the various trimmings that blocked the articulated roller. The belts are constantly cleaned by a high-pressure washing system that acts only for a few seconds when the leather passes in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of water. Another important advantage comes from the introduction of belts, which allow obtaining 80% less trimming, in some cases even 100%, thus considerably increasing the quality of the product. AlpeSpak also makes it possible to create a continuous line between the fleshing machine and automatic splitting machine in order to prevent the accumulation of hides and to eliminate downtime.
As for the working speed, Predator can split between 300 and 400 hides per hour, depending on the type of leather.