I-TECH srl, the Italian company from Sassuolo, Modena, that for years has offered cutting-edge technological solutions for the tanning industry’s inks management, has now developed a revolutionary Lean Production system for the automation and transformation of its customers' operational activities. The I-TECH solution consists of a complete production implementation and efficiency system applicable to all tanning processes starting from the preparation of colored blends up to the leathers’ finishing. By carefully analyzing every set-up, the I-Tech team is able to design and study systems and solutions integrated with other company management software as well as other existing and / or planned systems, adapting them to the spaces and needs of each structure.
I-TECH’s objective is to intervene in different production areas, from the liquid raw materials storage and preparation area, to the product transfer zone, the area for picking up and relaunching validated products, the washing containers phase and many others. The solution consists of two macro-parts: the plant hardware and the integrated software. For each stage of production, ad-hoc solutions of the latest technology have been designed to guarantee the customer a drastic reduction in the consumption of raw materials (dyes, additives, resins, chemicals in general, etc.) and in water consumption due to washing operations, as well as a clear reduction in waste and discharges.

All this leads to a radical reduction in costs and a performance improvement that revolutionize and radically improve all the working methods.
Self-driving shuttles for the containers’ handling to the different destination areas, automatic and self-cleaning dosing systems, storage, agitation and recirculation systems, are the basis of the revolution but the fundamental innovation lies in the I-TECH’s known as L.I.M.E. (Lean Industry Manufacturing Execution) software.  An advanced fully integrated software that controls the entire production managing all the plants and machines of the various company areas.