Mec Man once again presents the patented IceWater system, a revolutionary system for the production of icy water that completes a real modular system. This innovative leather drying system consists of 3 components: MecGiant, IceVacuum and the revolutionary IceWater system.

– To date, MecGiant is the world’s largest vacuum leather dryer, with a floor size of 9.0 by 3.4 metres which greatly increases productivity while maintaining management costs of a traditional 7.0 metre plant. “Just think that with a 9.0 metre plant you almost reach the productivity you would have by working with 2 standard 7.0 metre dryers while maintaining leathers homogeneous and natural”, explains the Venetian company.
IceVacuum, instead, is the vacuum group par excellence, equipped with a liquid ring pump fed by water instead of oil. Thanks to the Travaini components, also entirely made in Italy, the use of water gives innumerable advantages both in terms of consumption and maintenance. This vacuum generating system, with double turbo, reaches a vacuum of 5mBar even if positioned far from the dryer, up to a distance of 50 metres.
– And finally, the new IceWater system, patented by Mec Man, which maintains a constant water temperature of 7° throughout the year, with a consumption of only 4 KW.
This new system is considered revolutionary, because, as previously mentioned, it keeps the water at a constant temperature of 7°, summer and winter, thus guaranteeing that the drying of the leather always occurs at the highest performance and quality, during the whole period of the year.
The company would like to point out that this system “is not a chiller, and above all, it guarantees these performances with a consumption of only 4kw, while a chiller requires almost 200”.
The IceWater system uses an innovative technology and was created above all to solve the problems of tanneries and contractors that work in those countries where heat and humidity compromise and slow down production. The aim is to offer customers the possibility of having a high quality and homogeneous skin throughout the year at the end of the process. To date, technicians of the sector are forced to calibrate the machines to obtain this result, which are subject to environment-climate changes, with values not at their maximum performance and with high consumption. All this, in any case, for a medium quality product. “We believe that the IceWater system can represent the definitive answer to the rigid parameters imposed by the leather sector and in particular that of the automotive industry since it will guarantee drying uniformity regardless of external climatic conditions. With this new system, we want to offer our customers a wide range of solutions for leather drying and top-notch performance”, concludes Mec Man.

The patented IceWater system for the production of icy water
The vacuum leather dryer MecGiant