Wega continues its journey on the road of digital innovation in the tanning industry. Thanks to advanced features, electronic surface measuring machines for leather produced by the company based in Arzignano become in fact technological and organisational tools for the tanning process.
The industrial PC with Microsoft “Windows 10” operating system and the specific Wegawin programme integrated in the Wega measuring device make it a smart terminal that communicates with any tannery management system.
The machine can send the measurement data, both for the control of production progress and even more for invoicing, while settings for the work of individual lots have been received from the management system.
A 17 inch “touch-screen” monitor highlights functions and operational messages of the work in progress.
The connection to the Internet, both via cable and “wireless”, allows immediate remote assistance directly provided by Wega technicians.
The Wega measuring machine can also mount the specific Stick-Label system for the printing and automatic application of labels on each skin and each bundle.
In this way the user is, therefore, able to recognise the production features of each skin by reading the “bar-code” or the “Qr-code” which is printed on the label.
The Wega measuring device structured this way fully responds to the “Industry 4.0” model and, with the digitisation of the work, creates the “smart industry” in the tannery.

The measuring machine QUASAR
The model NOVA-WIN