Unexpected grief in the Tuscan tanning world. The entrepreneur Valter Ceccatelli died at the age of 63 due to sudden complications of a desease against which he had been fighting for months.

Valter Ceccatelli

President and CEO of the Incas group (Iniziative Conciarie Associate), which in addition to the homonym tannery includes Il Veliero and Italtan. Just a few days ago Ceccatelli participated in the company’s last Board of Directors indicating strategies and lines of action to overcome the difficult moment connected to the pandemic, but also to relaunch the business in the near future. There are many goals achieved by Incas, from being “100% made in Italy” to the recognition of sustainability. Recently it also had the primacy of receiving the “Anti-Covid” certification.
Last February, the entrepreneur had participated at Lineapelle to personally present the new metal free leather line that had captured the attention of all operators in the sector. His sons Iacopo and Nicolò are now called to take the helm of an entrepreneurial experience lived at the highest levels.
The staff of ARS Tannery joins the family and colleagues in the condolences.