AICC announces the location and dates of the third IULTCS Eurocongress: the Congress Center of the Vicenza Fair from 18 to 20 September 2022 will host the important European conference dedicated to the presentation of the novelties of tanning chemistry. It was the same IULTCS president Luis Zugno, last December 4, speaking at the National Conference of Italian Leather Chemists to announce the assignment of the third European congress to Italy. As reference association of the country hosting the congress, AICC was thus awarded the important task of organising this important event scheduled for September 2022.
“This decision rewards AICC for the work carried out in recent years, both as a purely technical matter and as a purely informative and promotional one of the entire supply chain”, the National Association of Leather Chemists’s leaders commented proudly.
The IULTCS European Congress of 2022, despite being on a regionale scale, is destined to play a role of great importance at international level also because the world event scheduled for this year in Ethiopia, due to the persistence of the pandemic, is destined to take place remotely in digital mode.
All the Italian components of the tanning sector will be invited to participate at the III IULTCS EuroCongress and all the latest technological discoveries and the latest research in the sector will be presented.
Among the various topics envisaged, AICC anticipates that great space will be given to the issues of sustainability and circular economy, demonstrating an increasingly incisive commitment of the entire supply chain to reduce environmental impacts.
Here the LINK to the presentation of the Congress Centre of Vicenza Fair