The so-called “Tubone” is the new system of water reorganisation of 42 municipalities in Tuscany, which will have its fulcrum ar the Aquarno purifier of Santa Croce sull’Arno and will be fully operational within the next three years. In essence, a major public work that enhances the water service for the benefit of the environment providing for the integration of the civil and industrial purification system of a very populated area of central Tuscany.

The project is part of the Program Agreement for the Protection of Water and was created with the dual aim of adapting the Valdinievole purification system and supporting the Santa Croce leather district by supplying refined water to the tanning industries which will no longer have to draw their needs from the water table. From Pescia, the “tubone” will pass through almost all the Municipalities of the Valdinievole, to get to Santa Croce where it will bring the treated wastewater to the leather district.

The project involves the construction in three years (the end of the works is expected in 2021) of a piping system of about 50 kilometres, of which the “tubone” is the main part. The latter will have a length of over 30 kilometres and its diameter will reach, to the maximum extent, almost one metre. The project involves the expansion of the Santa Croce treatment plant which will see a significant increase in the water to be purified and a consequent and progressive disposal of about twenty small water treatment plants in the territory which, in some cases, will become accumulation tanks. The total cost of the project is around 200 million euro. 110 million of these come from public bodies (Region and Ministries), the rest will come from the tanning industries of Santa Croce and from private water bills.