The Venetian tanning district, one of the most important and well-known in the world, represents 58% of the Italian tanning turnover and develops about 2.7 billion exports per year. Leather processing is a historical activity rooted in the Chiampo Valley which today boasts a complete and integrated supply chain made up of about 900 companies (including tanning, mechanics, chemicals and recycling) that have a strong propensity for research and internationalisation and employ more than eleven thousand people.

The Veneto Leather District was born in 2009 to represent the interests of the companies in the area. It is a consortium that brings together companies, organisations and associations of the local tanning industry. Born at the behest of some companies and associations, which have come together to give life to innovation projects common to the entire supply chain and the territory, it is today a legal entity officially recognised by the Veneto Region and aims to be the “engine” of a new, major development of the local tanning district with a view to maximum sustainability. The Consortium includes companies from all sectors and leather processing: leather suppliers, agents and brokers, chemists, tanners, sub-suppliers, machine manufacturers, plant managers.

One of the most significant projects that the Consortium is following today, also by virtue of the funding related to the PNRR, is entitled “Tanning towards zero environmental impact” and aims to ensure the full environmental and social sustainability of the sector, the only way to guarantee long-term economic sustainability. It starts from the will of the tanners to renew and re-evaluate what tanning has been from its origins, that is an element of the circular economy that plays an essential role for the environment, promoting a change of pace to continue to create value in a completely circular way.

Riccardo Boschetti (Gea srl) is president of the Consortium, while Claudio Bortolati (GSC Group spa) is vice president. Chiara Carradore directs the activities. Adriano Boller (Mabo Pell srl), Luca Pretto (Pasubio tanning group), Mauro Pellizzari (Gemata spa), Giorgio Pozza (scientific consultant) and Paolo De Marzi (Euroconciaria srl) are the other members of the Board of Directors.

Photo: The Executive Council of the Veneto Leather District: from left Adriano Boller, Luca Pretto, Mauro Pellizzari, Claudio Bortolati (vice president), Giorgio Pozza, Paolo De Marzi, Riccardo Boschetti (president)