Fulvia Bacchi – CEO of UNIC and LINEAPELLE

“A NEW POINT OF VIEW”: this is the name of the event that will take place on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 September 2020 at Fieramilano Rho, in conjunction with Micam, Mipel, The One and Homi Fashion & Jewels. Five fairs united to highlight the vitality of the Italian fashion and lifestyle chain.
An initiative that Fulvia Bacchi – CEO of UNIC and LINEAPELLE – explains was born from “some companies still wanting to show they are active despite the difficult moment. They want to show they are still there, that they still believe and that they are fighting. It comes from a deep awareness of knowing that if Lineapelle had been held as we know it, and as we want to keep on knowing it, its international value would not have been respected, with the risk that the real needs of operators would not have been met effectively.”
Therefore, the choice was made to develop a more agile and smart project. Companies will exhibit their products in pre-fitted stands and operators will move along a modulated path, organised by product sector, to prevent any kind of gathering and all the prescribed safety measures will be adopted.
The market situation will also bring to the fair carry-over items for the Summer 2021, together with proposals for the winter 2021-2022 based on the leitmotif: “The Era of Simplifying 2 – Slow is the New Hot.”

But the question that everyone is asking themselves in view of the September fairs is always the same: who will take part? Because the risk that the events will be deserted is clear to everyone. For this reason “A NEW POINT OF VIEW” will be promoted through a programme of targeted incoming activities and a promotional plan that will enhance its special and distinctive features.
Of course, Lineapelle will spread the word primarily through its social channels, which have remained very active in these months thanks to the numerous digital initiatives proposed by the Lineapelle NOW & TOGETHER project.

Since the market situation presents “companies that are very worried about the lack of new orders and the absolute uncertainty about when they will be able to talk about recovery”, Lineapelle has decided to provide further support to the market with the imminent launch of “The 365 Showroom by Lineapelle”, a digital platform for promoting and sharing the collections of its exhibitors, online 24 hours a day, all year round. For Fulvia Bacchi it is a need “born in these difficult months of the pandemic. A platform that will allow companies to continue presenting their products to customers. An extra service that goes hand in hand with the opportunities offered by the exhibition.”