The leather industry is going through a turbulent time with lots of attacks made against leather. For brands, designers, influencers and consumers it is difficult to make the right decisions which material to use and consumers, with lots of doubtful information thrown over them. In fact, much information against leather is one-sided and mostly incorrect.  It is therefore that Leather Naturally is inviting you to become a member of Leather Naturally.

We give you three good reasons why you should join.  
1) Simple and Uniform messages: we need to have simple, easy to understand messages that are easily found on the internet. These messages should be available in multiple languages and widely spread throughout the leather value chain. Leather Naturally already made various of these info-graphics in English and plans to have them available in multiple languages at a brand-new website later this year.   
2) United Approach: only with a united approach we will be able to attract sufficient financial funds to make an impact on education and promotion on a global scale. Leather Naturally is a global organization that is not favoring any specific country or company. We focus on leather as a material and will educate and promote this on a global scale.  
3) Act now: in 2019, the membership has grown from 57 to 135 industry leaders from various countries and different parts of the leather value chain. It is time to act on a much broader scale now and we kindly invite you to join Leather Naturally and take responsibility over the future of your own business including the leather business in general. Your membership fee will be invested in a new up-to-date website including info graphics supporting the industry in educating the fact that creating leather made from a by-product from the meat industry is crucial in a circular economy.  
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