Last February 20, during Simac Tanning Tech, Corichem organised a smart conference entitled “The new era of climate change: opportunities of the future chemistry”. The Veneto-based chemical company has expressed strong messages, focused on the need for the business world to do its part in fighting global warming, while also taking advantage of the new business opportunities that the transformation predicts.
“We are a chemical company that has always been attentive to environmental aspects – explained Pierluigi Braggion, president of Corichem -. We thought it would be useful to stimulate reflection on these issues. We obviously aim to make ourselves known, but our products perform to the maximum within the sustainability framework we are communicating”.
To develop the theme, Corichem has involved relevant figures in the scientific world. “Climate change is a risk, but with commitment and awareness it can be transformed into opportunities. In this passage, science helps us” said Serena Giacomin of Meteo Expert, scientific communicator for Mediaset networks and president of Italian Climate Network, flanked by Lucio Biondaro, vice president of the Pleiadi group and operations manager of the Children’s Museum Verona, who added: “Those who move first are more successful in this context”.
But what is the current situation? According to the results of a survey involving 1,241 companies in the world, 19% of Italian companies are implementing climate change adaptation actions, 14% are planning them, 36% will not adopt them before three years and the remaining 30% have not done anything yet. This process is slowed down by three elements: costs (30%), the perception that the impact of changes is limited (35%) and the lack of public policies and incentives (35%).
In the meantime, Corichem sets a good example by continuing to develop its research for an increasingly sustainable tanning chemistry. “We are working on new sulphide-free liming and oxidative liming”, the company explains.

Pierluigi Braggion, president of Corichem,  with the climate experts, speakers of the smart conference