Given the international health emergency situation, on 12 March UNPAC, the association that brings together 56 Italian manufacturers of chemical auxiliaries, released a letter signed by its president Marco Frediani, in which he reiterates the commitment of the category to “supporting the tanning industry and ensuring continuity of product and service supplies, keeping the quality value high”. More in detail: “In this difficult context, which also photographs a market characterised by tensions on costs and supplies, chemical companies associated with UNPAC have activated themselves in a strategic structural, financial and operational effort”.
In the letter UNPAC calls together all chemical-tanning companies, including non-associated ones. “Our Association has proposed to establish a synergistic alliance between member companies to keep productions running continuing to ensure prompt responses and maximum service quality to the national tanning sector. The collaboration is open to all companies in the chemical supply chain that intend to join this initiative and that, in case of need, undertake to share raw materials and processes, to support each other with productions according to the characteristics of the company and the workload, to set up a shared line of decision-making for the safeguard of jobs, adopting all health and production precautions to guarantee the punctuality of supplies”.