On 28 May, the Council of Ministers of the Italian government finally approved the Legislative Decree which establishes the new provisions regarding the use of the terms hide, leather and fur. A result that represents the conclusion of a long and constant awareness-raising work carried out by UNIC – Italian Tanneries. In addition to a more correct definition of the terms leather and hide and in line with the Community and technical legislation, the new law sets out the express prohibition of the use of the words leather and hide, also as prefixes or suffixes, to identify materials not derived from remains of animals, as is the case today with the unorthodox terms eco-leather, vegan leather and the like used for synthetic materials. The Chambers of Commerce, Customs Agency, Italian Financial Police and Judicial Police are entrusted with the activity of ascertaining any violations.
The new legislative decree, approved on the proposal of the Ministry of Economic Development also establishes that “punishable conduct includes the lack of a label or mark and the use of a label or mark that does not meet requirements”.
Great satisfaction for the milestone reached by Unic: “It is a very important result”, said the President of UNIC Gianni Russo “that finally represents a legal watershed and the Italian Association of Tanners never stopped believing in its requirement”.