Vacuum dryers for all production needs, from the smallest to the biggest. Mec Man in Lugo, Vicenza, is present on the market with extremely high-quality drying systems for hides, made with select materials and technologically advanced equipment, always guaranteeing a reliable post-sale service.

But let us go into detail. Mec Man’s baby is MecPack: a small-size vacuum system, with the power and technology of a large-size machine. It is the ideal vacuum dryer for large laboratories and small tanneries, which want to find a low-temperature vacuum dryer, with a great performance and transportation costs equal to those of a container.

Its dimensions go from 3.2×1.8 to 4.0×2.2 metres, with 1 to 3 tables.

We then have the traditional MecGiant model, with tables measuring up to 7 metres, suitable for all types of leather but with a limited production capacity in comparison with that of the MecGiant with tables measuring 8 or 9 metres.

The MecGiant tables measuring 8 metres are particularly suitable for processing half bovine hides, whole small-size hides and sheep/goat skins, for the footwear and clothing sectors.

An example?

“When processing half hides, 7 hides can be positioned on an 8 mt table, thus increasing production by 40% in comparison with the 7 mt table” the Mec Man team explains. But at Mec Man they were not happy yet. Therefore, in December 2018 the Veneto company developed an even bigger MecGiant dryer, a real XXXL size, that is to say, today’s biggest leather vacuum dryer in the world, with 9.0 tables by 3.4 metres.

“Its use makes it possible to increase production considerably maintaining the management costs for a 7 mt machine. With a 9 mt machine, we get close to the production obtained using two 7 mt standard dryers. We have developed this new generation of large tables specially for the processing of whole large-size bovine hides, in particular meant for the automotive and furniture sectors”.

The evolution represented by MecGiant is that of proposing tables of large dimensions maintaining the exceptional characteristics of rigidity, solidity, flexibility and harmony of motion of the smaller dryers. Along with the IceVacuum and IceWater systems, respectively for the vacuum and ice water generations, they are the ideal solution for tanneries and subcontractors that want to reach the highest performance in leather drying at lower cost.