In its booth at Lineapelle in February 2019, La Bregagna surprised visitors with several important innovations. Starting with the water-repellent leather, a highly unusual feature when it comes to vegetable leather. How did you manage that? “Water repellent leather is requested by the outdoor furniture sector that we have been following for some time – tells us Simone Testi – As industry experts know well, making water repellent vegetable-tanned leather in barrels is quite difficult, but we like difficult challenges and therefore we have tried over and over again until we were able to make a truly interesting item that offers a real high watertight seal and water resistance. We also tried it inside the stand at the fair, where we kept leather immersed in water all the time without noticing any damage. Now, we intend to transfer the concept of water repellency on all items, even on hand-buffered products”.

Another novelty just presented to the market is the item “Silk”, a very soft, completely metal-free leather: “We were able to obtain vegetable-tanned leather of incredible softness and available in a wide range of very bright colours and completely free of metals” Testi goes on saying.

Founded in 1961 in the heart of the Tuscan leather district, La Bretagna takes its name from the French region from which raw hides arrive, an origin that ensures very high quality thanks to the presence of large green pastures. The tannery has “embraced” from the beginning the philosophy of ecology, biodegradability, setting the production towards a vegetable tanning process. In recent years, the tannery has developed a vast range of top quality leather for the furnishing sector, also for outdoors, obtaining the appreciation of the most prestigious designer brands for the many and varied applications, from the armchair and sofa production to that of floors and walls.