On July 20th Leather Naturally launched its new website as a result of great teamwork of our Communications team. At least as important is the fact that many individuals from various countries and companies supported the process of compiling the factsheets that we have made available on the new website as a global resource to get the facts and better understand leather. Thank you very much for this! 
The new website is much more consumer focus, easy to navigate and just a great resource if you want to learn about leather. But what about the next step?  
The next step is that the industry is going to use and refer to leathernaturally.org as the global resource to better understand leather. As such, we kindly invite you make use of this industry supportive site. Some suggestions how you can do this: 
* Follow the Leather Naturally social media channels including METCHA, the oracle of leather design culture and share new posts.  
* Share Leather Naturally with your customers, with the Brands and make them aware of the site, as a great source of balanced information about leather.  
* Join Leather Naturally as a member. With your contribution we will be able to further improve our communications and ensure that the right information about leather is arriving at the right group of people. To accommodate small and big companies, we have created a new membership model, with annual fees ranging from USD 250/ for entrepreneurs, to maximum USD 2.000/ for companies with a turnover more than USD 10 million. For more information, please check https://www.leathernaturally.org/membership  
Despite of the Covid19 situation, we welcomed 9 new members, among them Vitelco, Khawaja Tanneries, Finco1865, Moore & Giles, Schill & Seilacher, van Oosterum Leder, Lederfabriek Gebr. Van Esch, Quimser and We Are SRL. 
In the recent months, Leather Naturally was invited in various industry events, organized by some of our members GST, the Material Exchange and others with various brands connected and being inspired about the story of leather.  
 We kindly invite you to join us as a member. Your benefits will be a full webpage visibility on the Leather Naturally site, free usage of our logo and getting satisfaction from supporting the education and promotion of leather.  
We look forward hearing from you and wish you improving business in the coming months.   
 A united industry is a stronger industry! 

 Egbert Dikkers – Chair Management Board Leather Naturally 

Egbert Dikkers