Specialized in the tanning sector since 1953, Fratelli Carlessi, with a production range spreading from drying and conditioning plants up to finishing spraylines, focused on new toggling technology and full automated laboratory spraying machine.

CRC – Cell Rotary Conditioner
The most versatile dryer and conditioning plant on the market suitable for pebble and smooth grain articles with excellent result in yield and quality.
The independent cells technology allows to level up all the leathers of the same batch and of different batches indipendently from retanning, type and thickness of leathers and forgiving if the batch is loaded in the evening or stopped for lunch time.
The new airflow allows to dry at lower temperatures enhancing the quality of the leather without increasing the drying time and offering an advanced energy savings compared to the traditional ones.
Many options are available to work free-chrome leathers.

Spraylab and Spraylab-XL, an extended version with same benefits and versatility of the Spraylab but engineered for bovine sides, full cover all the needs of the R&D, Production and Marketing.
With only one machine is possible to emulate all the processes of all the spraylines in the market (rotative or alternative, kind of guns, number of guns etc) by a robotic arm managed by an advanced software.
It’s also possible to add a Drying Tunnel emulating the existing tunnels in only one module.
With this machine is possible to produce samples easily to scale up to production process as well as all the R&D on new solutions (chemical and mechanical) and being a support for the production saving chemicals, time and energy.

Rotary and alternatives spray booths are available. Diamond series booths full stainless steel with large carousel and big doors opening to be completed with drying tunnels for all the applications (IR, Gas, Steam, Electric).