Its patented Piuma article, a quilted, heat-seamed (seamless) leather with down padding, practically a cloud of lightness, has been selected by the prestigious Margiela fashion company of Belgium to become the “Glam Slam quilted bag”.

A great satisfaction for “L’Officina – Chimica in Movimento” of Solofra (Avellino), which has been at the forefront of the development of cutting-edge articles both in terms of technology and fashion for years. “We have already invested a lot of resources in fashion research, as evidenced by the fact that for the past ten years we have been producing our own six-monthly Trend Book, which is always in great demand and highly appreciated by customers,” says the chemical-tannery entrepreneur Giovanni D’Onofrio who founded the business in 2007.

The strength of this company lies in offering a service that goes far beyond the supply of chemicals for the tanning process. Here we start from ideas, suggestions and feedback that through a process of collaboration with customers, who can be a tannery but also a manufacturer or designer, often become successful finished products. A perfect example of how creativity increasingly goes hand in hand with technological innovation, a winning combination that is built on commitment and professionalism. “We have a well-equipped research and chemical-physical analysis laboratory that allows us to test each preparation in order to ensure high-performance products that conform to the standards and are absolutely safe,” says D’Onofrio.