For many years specialty chemicals company Lanxess is successfully selling its organic, completely metal-free tanning agent X-Tan®. Reasons for its success are its benefits regarding the production process, the performance of the leather and its sustainability characteristics. The product is not only easy to apply but – equally important – also easy to control and the resulting wet-white can be used to produce all types of leather, from tight upholstery to soft shoe and leather goods.

X-Tan® is independently confirmed to be a genuine irreversible tanning agent. This explains the high long-term stability for storage and shipping of the resulting wet-white, it is similar to wet-blue and does not get harder or looser over time. It can even be rewetted in case of accidentally drying out. Compared to current market standards the resulting wet-white possesses an excellent resistance to light and shows a good stability against yellowing. Since X-Tan® “wet white” is colorless, the most white leather can be attained and, if dyed, full brilliant colors can be achieved.

Utilizing X-Tan® also gives significant sustainability benefits: the system itself is completely AOX-free and the resulting waste-water does not contain any harmful substances. A further improvement of the waste-water is the pickle-free process significantly reducing the salt-load of the effluent. In order to benefit from the high performance benefits offered by this unique patented tanning agent it makes sense to also apply light and heat-resistant and highly efficient organic retanning products. Here Lanxess recommends its high performance syntans Tanigan® and the patented X-Biomer® retanning products range: “They keep you at the cutting edge of sustainability together with high biodegradability and a reduced salt content”.